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Translator and dictionary with support for more than 700 languages

Translator and dictionary with support for more than 700 languages

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Program license: Free

Program by: Koyote Soft


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Program license

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Program by


Koyote Soft

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With King Translate, discover and download multimedia on the Internet without using a web browser.

While modern web browsers have become sophisticated tools, most are designed with the same fundamental principles. They tend to treat the Internet like a virtual magazine stand, and for that reason, browsers tend to come up short in other areas. When it comes to discovering and downloading music, videos, images and other multimedia, for instance, browsers aren’t always convenient. King Translate, therefore, looks to reinvent how you approach that.

King Translate is a powerful translation tool as well, and these features actually enhance the purposes described above. Using its translation capabilities, the program can broaden its search for the images and other multimedia you seek. It can also work like a traditional translation app. Paste copied text into it to be translated, or point it to a document, which it can then load and translate. The suite supports more than 700 languages, and while they aren’t all installed by default, adding and configuring a new language you require is a one-button process that takes but seconds.

King Translate also serves as a powerful research tool. Search for a particular term, and the program provides you text, translations, images, videos, sounds and more all related to that term. The search mechanism is fast and efficient, and the program can continue to acquire more information as you peruse the initial results. Unfortunately, King Translate comes up short as a research tool in that it provides limited ways to bookmark and annotate content.

Another issue with King Translate is that it’s ad-supported, and those ads are sometimes served in an intrusive manner. Furthermore, some users have complained of being infected by adware, malware and other items due to these ads or aspects of the program. We experienced no issues in that regard, but the risk is apparently significant enough that there King Translate removal tools available and how-to articles that walk users through the process.


  • Find images, videos, music and more
  • A powerful translation tool
  • Supports an extensive range of languages


  • Lacks bookmarking and notetaking features
  • Potentially intrusive ads

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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